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Discover Elche, Alicante: Palm Grove, History, Gastronomy and Nature

Elche, a jewel in the crown of the province of Alicante, is not only known for its famous palm grove and its Misteri, declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, but also for its rich Iberian, Arab and Christian history, and with an enchanting culture and landscapes, offers a unique experience.

Enjoy its delicious gastronomy, such as the crust, the dates of Elche or its famous Mollar pomegranate, among others.

In addition, explore its nature in places like the Natural Park of El Hondo and the Salinas de Santa Pola.

Discover the authenticity of Elche in every corner! If you are ready to immerse yourself in the authenticity of this Mediterranean city, here are some tourist routes for you to explore and enjoy to the fullest.

Tours around Elche

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