Elche, three humanity heritages

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Elche, three humanity heritages

Embark on a unique journey through the history, culture and tradition of Elche and discover three heritage treasures!

We will begin the route by visiting and exploring the magical Huerto del Cura, a private garden that houses not only the emblematic "Imperial Palm", a unique spectacle of nature as it is a specimen of a palm tree with several arms, but also an extensive representation of Mediterranean plants.

A few metres away is the Palm Grove Museum, located in a traditional house in a typical palm grove orchard. The museum reveals the origins, history, development and culture of the palm grove, helping the visitor to understand the reasons for its distinction as a World Heritage Site. In addition, the museum has a white palm workshop and a palm tree worker (palm tree trimmer) can give you a demonstration of how to climb the palm trees, how to work with them, etc. (on request). Discover the secrets of the largest palm grove in Europe at the Palm Grove Museum, where you will be amazed by the ancient art of working with the white palm and enjoy a unique demonstration by our expert palmereros (palm tree trimmers)!

We will continue visiting the majestic Basilica of Santa Maria, an impressive example of baroque architecture built on the foundations of an ancient Muslim mosque and inside which is staged the Misteri d'Elx, a cultural and religious event that recreates the Dormition, Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin Mary... (Ordinary performances in August 11-15 August and Extraordinary performances in October and November (only on even years). Here, every corner breathes history and every stone tells a story. So let yourself be captivated by the beauty of this sacred place and witness the live staging of the Misteri d'Elx, an experience that will leave you speechless.

And to put the finishing touch to our experience, nothing better than ending the route with a pleasant and relaxing walk through the charming Municipal Park, where we can visit the old Molí Real, a real treasure of the 18th century that worked with the energy of a waterfall of the Acequia Mayor. There we can discover a multitude of peculiar palm trees and other interesting vegetation that make up this beautiful orchard.

The Pusol School Museum deserves a separate visit. It is an educational-museum project that has been developed since 1968 in the unitary school of the rural district of Puçol, in Elche (Alicante). Its main activity is the education of schoolchildren using local heritage and culture as educational resources, while preserving and enhancing these resources through its museum work. A unique experience that will leave you wanting more!
The great recognition for the work and years dedicated to this community, open and participatory project came in 2009, when UNESCO inscribed the Centre of Traditional Culture School Museum of Pusol in the Register of Good Practices for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, becoming since then the Third World Heritage Site of Elche. That same year it was awarded the Special Mention for Education, Training and Awareness of Cultural Heritage in the Europa Nostra awards and the Generalitat Valenciana awarded it the Medal of Cultural Merit. In 2011, Elche City Council awarded the project the Bimil-lenari Medal for its long and successful trajectory. The intense interest in this project in Latin America materialised in 2014 with the award of the 1st Ibero-American Prize for Education and Museums, granted by Ibermuseos. The most recent recognition is the one received by the Integral System of Tourism Quality in Destination (SICTED) of the Ministry of Tourism, in 2016.

Book our route "Elche, three World Heritage Sites" and get ready for a truly unforgettable experience that will take you to the roots of Elche's history and culture!

    3-4 hours



- Visit to the Huerto del Cura.
- Visit to the palm grove’s museum
- Visit to the Museo de la Fiesta
- Visit to Santa Maria’s Basilica (abide by religious activity and acts)
- Visit to the local park
- Guide during the entire visit

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